Sensory Friendly Foundation

  Click on this image to see a video of one of the concerts.

Click on this image to see a video of one of the concerts.

Our mission is to provide sensory friendly events for individuals who can’t tolerate traditional events and venues.

There is an estimated 15-20 percent of the population who experience sensory sensitivities that make attending rock concerts and other events painful and extremely uncomfortable experiences. This limits these individuals, as well as their families, ability to share music or other cultural activities together. Our foundation aims to provide fun events for all sense abilities.

As of May 1, 2015, over 250 people  have attended one of nine Sensory Friendly Concerts. Children and adults walk in reluctant, anxious, fearful, and in some cases, even protesting.  By the end of a 45 minute concert, they are laughing, dancing and many are up on the stage. They feel a sense of comfort and belonging. Their self-esteem rises, as they are empowered to enjoy something new.  Initial studies have demonstrated significant improvements in attendees self-esteem and willingness to try other similar, new events.  Families can enjoy something fun together in a safe, comfortable environment. In short for attendees, Sensory Friendly Concerts can be a life changing experience.


“This concert was a wonderful experience for our family. It is difficult to find events that our
whole family can enjoy. It was a very special day.”

– Father of a sensory-sensitive


Sensory Friendly Concerts provide the joy of experiencing music in a non-judgmental, public setting to audiences and their families who would otherwise not be able to enjoy them together. Targeted attendees benefit – and the entire family can enjoy the positive experience together. Just look at what some of these audience members, venue owners and artists have said:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We all really had a good time at the concert today. It was a very good fit for the students we brought. You and your group were amazingly open to the needs of our students and it is greatly appreciated. The students have not stopped talking about the fun they had. Please let us know if you will be holding the concerts next school year.
– Teacher at the Lionheart School

“[My child] had a fantastic time. He was a little apprehensive at first, but quickly became comfortable and ultimately loved the concert. He said next time, he’ll get up onto the stage and dance with the other audience members.”
– Mother of a sensory sensitive child

“The Sensory Friendly Concert was everything it was billed to be and more! Our students had a great time. Some have already asked when the next concert is!”
– MDE School Principal

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